2019-20 & Beyond

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The goal of every convention event is to deepen the Christian life of every person attending. Every event is tailored to its distinct demographic but our commitment to Christ-centred, biblical preaching drives our platform programmes.

Over three weekends in April, 6,000 high schoolers attended our KYCK conventions. Each weekend, two thousand kids heard five talks from the gospel of John, exhorting them to Believe, Love, and Remain in Christ. Meeting with thousands of other high-schoolers was a powerful reminder and encouragement that they are not alone in seeking to live for Christ.

3 weekends in April 2019

By God’s grace, KCC has established NextGen International, with conferences in Uganda, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and the Solomon Islands. KCC is committed to gospel generosity and seeks to equip youth and children’s leaders around the globe, to faithfully teach God’s word. 

NextGen’s mission is to train youth and children’s leaders in effective discipleship. Over five days, delegates participate in workshops to receive training in systematic biblical exegesis, gain confidence in biblical theology, and focus on developing a Christ-like character. We held two NextGen conferences in Katoomba in 2019, training 500 leaders in how to teach the Bible faithfully.