My KCC Story

Thanking God for KCC

In this special collection of testimonials, hear how God has used KCC in the life of everyday Christians. Hear how lives have been changed, impacted and influenced by KCC, and what this ministry means to them and their families.

Cici Gu

By God’s grace, Cici Gu became a Christian at KYCK 2012 and is now faithfully serving as a Youth Leader in her church. Hear more of her story and listen to how God worked through KYCK to bring her to Him. 

Calum Hood

Calum shares about coming to Christ at KYCK 2013 at the age of 15. Now at 22, Calum speaks of how, through the ministry of KCC, he has also dedicated his life to serving God in full time ministry.

Thanking God for KCC

Hear what God has done throughout the years at KCC and what the ministry means to many families and individuals.

Help Keep the Ministry Going

We still have $240,000 to raise before the end of this year. This will enable KCC to cover its operating costs for 2020. It will also place KCC in a financially steady position to face 2021. We need your help.

5 Individuals, 5 Stories

We give thanks to God for the way He has used KCC to bless many generations. Listen to their stories below.

Ange Gratsounas

Ange has been encouraged by the passionate biblical teaching at KCC conventions, which has challenged him to be a better husband, father, pastor and child of God. Hear the impact that KCC has had on Ange and his church.

Jeannette Kuswadi

Jeannette served on the Women’s Convention committee back when OneLove was known as Women’s Katoomba Convention. Listen to her testimony and hear of the way God spoke to thousands of women each year through the ministry of WKC.

Penny Stanbury

Penny’s first KCC event was in 1985 where she remembers singing with thousands of youth on the big top oval. She now has four children, and together as a family they enjoy attending KEC each year.

Matt Kang

Matt shares the way his church has been blessed by the ministry of KCC, where his members have learned to be strengthened and encouraged to live for Jesus better.

Katrina Collins

KCC has been a positive influence and impact on Katrina and her family. In her testimony, she shares her joy in witnessing how God has used KEC and KYCK in the lives of her children and her church.

Additional Stories

My KCC Story 1
"We've attended nearly every Easter Convention as a family since about 2005 – whilst our children were still in primary school. Now our children are adults, however, we all still love to attend Easter Convention together as a family and annually we've been blessed by the solid Biblical teaching and great music."
My KCC Story 2
"I'm a families minister in Central Queensland. We have around 10 teenagers in our churches. For the first time we gathered 5 of the teenagers together and used Ed Springer's talks from KYCK on the book of John. It was great to have clear gospel centred Bible teaching aimed at teenagers. The teenagers were encouraged and challenged by God's word. Thank you for this helpful trustworthy resource."
My KCC Story 3
"KCC has been a blessing to us and our family, encouraging us in our walk with Christ and providing wonderful teaching for our children as they were growing up. We're thankful to God for the ministry of KCC and pray He will enable it to continue for many generations to come."
My KCC Story 4
"The KCC NextGen conference had some of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of my life. I pray that KCC will push on through these times, God willing, to continue to inspire and testify the love and passion of Jesus Christ to youth throughout Australia."
My KCC Story 5
"KCC has been instrumental in shaping me as a God-fearing man since becoming a Christian in 1992. So valuable is this ministry that I can't help but give and give generously so that future generations are grown and moulded by God to be a follower of Him, who can themselves teach and grow others as 
I have been blessed to be able to do."
My KCC Story 6
"For over 25 years KCC has been an important part of my family's Christian development. We first started coming to KEC when my youngest son was 2 - he is now 29. He dates his official "coming to Christ" to KEC when he was in Year 7. Our two other children—both committed Christians— remembers the various camps and conferences with affection and gratitude. My late husband and I loved our mountain weekends and I still come with wider family. We all pray for a great year for KCC in 2021."
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Update on 2020 Fundraising

2020 has been a challenging year for the KCC ministry.

In June we started a fundraising effort to raise (at least) $750,000 to see KCC through the challenges of 2020.

So far, KCC supporters have generously contributed over $545,000! We thank God for your gifts to help keep this ministry going.

We still have $205,000 to raise before the end of this year. This will enable KCC to cover its operating costs for 2020. It will also place KCC in a financially steady position to face 2021. We need your help.

How You Can Help

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We would be thankful to God for anything you can contribute today.

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